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L-Shape hotel was established in 2010 G.C in Amhara regional state, Gondar city 728km from the capital Addis Ababa.

Our property is located in a walking distance from piazza; core of the historic city of Gondar and 10 minutes of walking distance from the Royal Enclosure.

Gondar is a city and separate woreda in Ethiopia, which was once the old imperial capital and capital of the historic Begemder Province. As a result, the old province of Begemder is sometimes referred to as Gondar. Located in the Semien Gondar Zone of the Amhara Region, Gondar is north of Tana Lake on the Lesser Angereb River and southwest of the Simien Mountains.

The city has a latitude and longitude of 12°36′N 37°28′E / 12.6°N 37.467°E with an elevation of 2133 meters above sea level.

The city is nicknamed “The Camelot of Africa” due to the presence of a group of royal castles.

L-shape hotel is the best venue to relax and spend momentous time prior to visiting the Simien Mountains National park and its amazing flora and fauna.

The Semien Mountains (also spelled Simien and Simen) lie in northern Ethiopia, north east of Gondar. They are a World Heritage Site and include the Semien Mountains National Park. The mountains consist of plateaux separated by valleys and rising to pinnacles. The tallest peak is Ras Dashen (4,550 m); other notable heights include Mounts Biuat (4,437 m) and Kidus Yared (4,453 m).

Because of their geological origins the mountains are almost unique, with only South Africa’s Drakensberg having been formed in the same manner and thus appearing similar. Notable animals in the mountains include the walia ibex, gelada (a close relative of baboons), and caracal (a cat). There are a few Ethiopian wolves.

So, if you are looking for a lovely, secluded truly romantic place in Gondar, then you are home away from home at L-Shape hotel.

We provide the most affordable, leading edge services and amenities for your enjoyment and we strive to achieve supremacy of hospitable treatment and best quality in all aspects.

Our rooms are designed to give you unimaginable comfort, amenities and convenience. Each room of our hotel features: – a remote controlled 14 televisions with over 4 well known channels to choose from, equipped with an absolute relief giving comfort beds and comfy pillows and top mattress for a very sweet and dream-ful night.

In addition to this, you’ll have mini box in your room with a safe drawer, a telephone which is always ready to accept all your inquiries and a big closet with a permanent shaving/make up mirror installed.

What makes our hotel the most preferable is its location which is moments away from Gondar telecommunications, post office, Ethiopian air lines ticket office, supermarkets and banks.

When you decide to stay with us, prepare yourself to be struck with our quick and reliable quality service. 
Check in to L-shape hotel today and spend momentous time!